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dc.creatorAndrić, Ljubiša
dc.creatorPetrov, Milan
dc.creatorMilošević, Vladan
dc.creatorMihajlović, Slavica
dc.description.abstractNon metallic raw materials take a very important place in economic development of Serbia whether they are used as final product or raw materials in manufacturing and other industrial branches. Fine grained-micronized non-metallic materials (mica, alumina, calcite, dolomite, kaolinite, barite), according their physic-mechanical and physic-chemical and mineralogical characteristics, have great application in the production of new materials. The effects of dry micronization depend on equipment type and in the same time of the kind of the disintegration process. By detailed investigation of dry micronization the elements for determination of the efficiency of mills new construction, thus satisfying the requirements for definition of both technological parameters of micronization and the parameters of micronized products. Therefore, recently, the following equipment has been the choice for the dry micronizing grinding of the non metallic mineral raw materials: apart from the standard conventional mills, the vibrational, planetary, ultra centrifugal with the peripheral micronizing trajectory and the stream (Jeto-mizer) mills. In this paper, the results of dry micronization in mills new constructions are analyzed.en
dc.sourceIMPC 2006 - Proceedings of 23rd International Mineral Processing Congress
dc.titleMicronized milling of non-metalic raw materials in mills new constructionen
dc.citation.other: 62-68

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